Discount 10% la Tabara de Muzica Boem Club – 10% Discount at Boem Club Summer Camp


Editia a IV-a

Pensiunea ALISA ***


Saptamanal, in perioada 1-13 Iulie 2018

Saptamana 1: Duminica, 1 Iulie – Sambata, 7 Iulie

Saptamana 2: Sambata, 7 Iulie – Vineri, 13 Iulie


Pret: 1700 lei / Saptamana

  • Plata integrala pana in 15.04.2018,  caz in care beneficiati de discount de 10% din pretul taberei
  • Plata in transe:
  1. Rezervarea locului se face achitand un avans de 300 lei pana la data de 15.04.2018
  2. Restul integral, pana la data 01.06.2018
  • Pentru frati, exista un discount de 100 lei pentru fiecare, din pretul taberei.
  • Discount-ul pentru frati si reducerea de 10% in cazul achitarii integrale, se cumuleaza
  • Plata se face exclusiv prin virament bancar


Cine poate participa in Tabara de Muzica Boem Club

In tabara pot participa copiii cu varste cuprinse intre 6-17 ani, pentru fiecare dintre saptamani. Activitatile muzicale au loc pe grupe de varsta. La Tabara de Muzica Boem Club se pot inscrie atat cursanti ai Scolii de Muzica Boem Club, cat si copii din afara scolii care isi doresc sa invete sa cante.

*Pentru participarea in tabara de muzica nu este necesara pregatire muzicala anterioara

Programul Taberei de Muzica Boem Club

07:30 Trezirea, Spalarea, Inviorarea
08:00-09:00 Micul Dejun
09:00-13:00 Ateliere muzicale consecutive la diferite instrumente (pe grupe de varsta)
13:00-14:00 Pranz
14:00-16:00 Activitati de relaxare
16:00-16:30 Gustare pe pajiste
16:30-20:00 Activitati recreative, Vizite la obiective turistice, Jocuri muzicale, Activitati de grup
20:00-21:00 Cina
21:00- 22:00 Spalarea, Stingerea, Culcarea
Persoana de contact pentru inscrierea in Tabara de Muzica Boem Club:

Tecla Radulescu:; Tel: 0723 772 048


Fourth Edition
Weekly, between 1
-13 of July 2018



Week 1: Sunday, July 1st  – Saturday, July 7
Week 2: Saturday, July 7 – Friday, July 13


The 4th edition of Boem Club Music Camp will take place between July 1-13, 2018, at ALISA Villa *** in Bran, Brasov County, a hostel located at the base of the Magura Hill, a wonderful, quiet and picturesque area.


Price: 1700 lei / for week
Whole payment with a discount of 10% if the payment is made until 15 of April 2018

• Payment in installments
1. Booking of the place is made by paying an advance of 300 lei until 15.04.2018
2. The remainder, until 01.06.2018

For brothers, there is an extra discount of the camp price, of 100 lei for each person

• Payment is made exclusively by bank transfer




Children between the ages of 6-17 can participate in the camp for each of the weeks. All the  musical activities will take place on age groups.
Both students from Boem Club Music School, as well as out-of-school children can enroll for Boem Club Music Camp.

*No previous musical experience is required.

07:30 Awakening
08: 00-09: 00 Breakfast
09: 00-13: 00 Music workshops
13: 00-14: 00 Lunch
14: 00-16: 00 Relaxing activities
16: 00-16: 30 Snack on the meadows
16: 30-20: 00 Recreational Activities, Sightseeing Tours, Musical Games, Group activities
20: 00-21: 00 Dinner
21: 00-22: 00 Washing, going to bed
The objective of the summer music camp is to musically initiate and familiarize the participant with what music is, both from theoretically and practically point of view.
For 7 days, notions of music theory will be presented to everyone and all children will be initiated in the piano, guitar, violin, drums or singing lessons.

Contact person for signing up in the Boem Club Music Camp
Contact person for joining the Boem Club Music Camp:
Tecla Radulescu:; Tel: 0723 772 048